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Generative AI Prompt Literacy is a Course

Generative AI Prompt Literacy



Full course description

In our AI-powered future, mastering the art of AI prompting is not just useful – it's essential. Like learning to search Google efficiently two decades ago, effective AI prompting is the key to unlocking high-quality, productive outcomes from AI tools. Our online course, Generative AI Prompt Literacy, aims to equip you with this essential skill set, putting you in command of the AI revolution.

This course isn't just about the 'how' of AI prompts. It explores the 'why,' highlighting the impact of well-crafted prompts on the quality and usefulness of AI output. Learn to construct prompts that make AI a practical, potent tool to accomplish your objectives, from drafting detailed reports to generating content to help you accelerate your learning.

In the spirit of equal opportunity, we firmly believe in equitable access to this transformative knowledge. AI is already reshaping how we live and work, and no one should be left behind in this rapidly changing landscape. That's why we've designed this course to be accessible, engaging, and enlightening for learners at all levels, so everyone has the opportunity to build proficiency in this critical area.

Through five comprehensive modules and self-guided assessments, we'll guide you on a journey of AI skill building, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to succeed.

  • Key Terms and Natural Language Processing
  • Prompting for Educational Purposes
  • Diverse and Inclusive Prompt Development
  • Best Practices
  • Prompt Examples

Check out our introduction video to get a sneak peek into the course experience. Harness the power of AI with us and ensure your place in our technology-driven future. Let's make AI prompt literacy universal – together!

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